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The story of 'Nodelation'

“Motion is change, it is a process of coincidental and accidental encounters that allows for all things to happen, from the nano to the macro.”

Many things around us appear static, they function in the state in which we encounter them. However, with some we need to interact: we have to transform them, or alter their state, in order to make them functional.

A lamp is such an object. It is not functional in itself. Instead, it only facilitates a function when needed or desired. A lamp is a sculptural vehicle to light, a medium for the electricity to pass through. The moment of transformation, the physical change of the lamp into a light source, expresses this and raises curiosity.

‘Nodelation’ explores an expression of this transformation, it emphasizes the moment of change by allowing a free movement into the object. The movement creates a brief moment of functionality in which the circuit is closed and the electricity runs freely through the object, giving us light. Using the universal language and simplicity of electricity diagrams, the electric circuit becomes the object.

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No Static