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Ceramic, Glass, Metals (cast iron, brass, zinc, aluminium), Powdercoated Steel

The story of 'Materialism'

With the disappearance of genuine materials from our environment our appreciation for authenticity changes. In its pure form, the material can show itself in all its richness and the process of creation gains a significant influence on the outer appearance.

Studio Mieke Meijer took the diminution of tactile materials in our environment as a starting point. Each material has a different economic value. But how do we value materials personally in a physical way just by looking and feeling them?

The concept couldn’t be more simple; using a flat surface as a canvas to show the richness of raw materials. Slabs of material, all the same size and thickness, like large material samples. The materials processed in the different workshops have a few things in common: first that, they all need extreme high temperatures to be transformed. Second that they  all are plastic at some point in the process. Third that all three materials are available as sheetgoods produced efficiently in  industrialized processes, with perfect and clean products as a result. Making sheet materials in an artisan way proved to be a challenge and asks a lot a of patience and skill. By using one-sided open molds, highly tactile surfaces occur which show the raw, material richness  that is normally lost in industrial processes. The collection of over 20 pieces contains different types of ceramics, fused glass, cast metals.

Presented in a steel frame, the slabs of material function as interchangeable shelves.

AVAILABLE ITEM Complete Collection €27.300



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