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Compressing Lenna

Audrey Large




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The Story of 'Compressing Lenna'

“I use Lenna, a standard test image widely used for testing data compression algorithms, as a raw material for designing objects. Discovered by two researchers in Playboy magazine’s November ’72 issue, Lenna’s image was compressed, manipulated countless times, and became an icon in the field.”

“During the transmission from one software to another, from a 2D image to a 3D matter, from a 3D artifact to a moving image, entities get altered in translation processes. For ‘Compressing Lenna’ I transform with digital tools already compressed images, found on the Internet, into useless decorative signs of consumption. I thus emphasize the inherent reduction in digital image processing, female representations and design standards, and add an ultimate compression to the Lenna archive: its object version.”