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16 Feet Of Twilight

Arnout Meijer



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The story of 16 Feet of twilight

“Your visual system is continuously influenced by the light that surrounds you, it is able to change your perception of reality.”

A visual phenomenon identified as an actual physical presence is called a reality.  And something that appears to be real, but doesn’t correspond to our accepted view on reality is categorized as an illusion, it’s seen as a perceptual error, just a simulation of reality. However, it is precisely this deceiving interpretation of our senses that simultaneously constitutes our reality.

Because of the movement of the celestial dome colours are constantly changing. The sun and the atmosphere paint the sky from a cool white day to an orange twilight, and after the blue hour to a dark night. Together with the reflection and refraction of the clouds a wide variety of different colours appear. But our own visual system completes the image we see, the afterimage effect colours our perception, even when we close our eyes! Our reality is always a combination of the outside world and our own visual system.

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